Blind Spot Testing

Blind Spot Testing is a customized subconscious testing service offered by Rebecca S. Heiss, PhD. The test measures the strength of the connection in the brain between two concepts (i.e Brand “A” and tasty) against the affiliation in an alternative category (i.e. Brand “B” and bland).  Blind Spot Testing operates at the subconscious level, measuring these associations in the brain through a complicated algorithm of factors and ultimately calculating an honest indication of a subjects preference.

Blind Spot Testing  is customizable with words and/or images including photographs from your team. Some possible applications include:

  • Product testing
    • Logo preferences, brand perception, competitor analyses
  • Diversity/Inclusion
    • Understanding company profiles as they pertain to subconscious preferences of race, gender, age etc.
  • Internal Surveys/Assessment
    • Perceived bias/openness of leadership teams

Rebecca is a professional speaker and consultant offering tailored solutions to organizations around the world. Read more about Rebecca and her work at

Ready to have your organization take the test? Run through our demo of racial bias testing to better understand how the test works, then contact Rebecca to set up your customized test.